(Photo credit: Jock Fistick/South Florida Business Journal) Each week, the Business Journal profiles a top business executive from different industries across the region. In the latest edition, Sturgis discussed his career, passion for curating emerging neighborhoods and vision for Native Realty.

Executive Profile: Native Realty CEO Jaime Sturgis on upgrading his hometown

Jaime Sturgis cut his teeth finding retail tenants for some of Miami’s most notable emerging neighborhoods

(Credit: Jock Fistick/South Florida Business Journal)

“I think, from a sales perspective, you have to be passionate about what you’re selling, and that’s what’s always drawn me toward emerging neighborhoods. Everybody would look at these neighborhoods like they were broken and unsalvageable, so I think it’s cool to be able to go in there and curate, through the tenants, a new neighborhood.”

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